Index of Medieval Art

Student Travel Grant for “Whose East” Conference

A manuscript page with a column of Greek above a scene of several men in a sailboat on the water, observed by two others.

For the second year, the Index of Medieval Art is pleased to offer a student travel grant to attend this year’s Index conference in person. The grant will support attendance by one non-Princeton student who wishes to attend the conference but lacks the financial resources to do so. Up to $500 will be offered in reimbursement for travel and accommodations. Preference will be given to students whose institutions do not offer travel funding, who are not currently supported by a research fellowship, and who would be traveling from outside a 120-mile radius of Princeton. The grantee will be invited to participate in all aspects of the conference, including the speaker lunch, and to pursue research at the Index if their visit schedule permits.

Applicants are asked to send a letter of application that identifies their institutional affiliation, year of study, and research area. They should describe how attending the conference will contribute to their studies, identifying the relevance of the conference topic to their own research and the speakers in whose work they are most interested. They should affirm that they do not have institutional or fellowship funding to support their travel to the conference, and they may, if they wish, include other details about factors that make such travel prohibitive for them. They should append a c.v. and the name of an advisor or other faculty member who is willing to be contacted about their application. Please send all relevant materials to no later than October 1, 2023.