Studies in Iconography

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Visual Culture Before 1600

Studies in Iconography (ISSN 0148-1029) is an annual publication housed at the Index of Medieval Art at Princeton University since October 1999. It is dedicated to publishing innovative work on iconography and other aspects of visual culture of the period up to 1600. Past articles have dealt with subjects as diverse as Byzantine fresco programs, Carolingian architectural diagrams, Jewish ritual images, and the iconography of Raphael. These topics are approached from an interdisciplinary, theoretical, or critical perspective by a range of established and emerging scholars. Reviews of published studies in iconography and art history are included in every volume.

Contents of the most recent journal: Volume 39, (2018)


Maria G. Parani. A Monument of His Own? An Iconographic Study of the Wall Paintings of the Holy Trinity Parakklesion at the Monastery of St. John Chrysostom, Koutsovendis (Cyprus)

Nurith Kenaan-Kedar (1938-2015) and Gil Fischof. Patrons and Artists of the Sculptural Program of the Church of Saint-André-le-Bas: Meanings and Identities

Jitske Jasperse. Visualizing Dynastic Desire: The Twelfth-Century Gospel Book of Henry and Matilda

Elizabeth Lastra. Judgment, Work, and Social Change: Reading a New Spirituality in the Sculpted Laborers of Santiago de Carrión de los Condes

Sarit Shalev-Eyni. Manipulating the Cup of Blessing: Gendered Reading of Ritual Images in European-Hebrew Books


Christina Maranci. Vigilant Powers: Three Churches of Early Medieval Armenia. By Benjamin Anderson

David Stern, Christoph Markschies and Sarit Shalev-Eyni, eds. The Monk’s Haggadah: A Fifteenth-Century Illuminated Codex from the Monastery of Tegernsee, with a Prologue by Friar Erhard von Pappenheim. By Aleksandra Bunčić

Jaqueline Thibault Schaefer. The Brussels Tristan Tapestries. Myth Regenerated in Wool, Silk and Precious Threads. By Michael Curschmann†

J. R. Mulryne, ed., with Maria Ines Aliverti and Anna Maria Testaverde. Ceremonial Entries in Early Modern Europe. By Tracey Hill

Laura Weigert. French Visual Culture and the Making of Medieval Theater. By Jesse Hurlbut

Damien Carraz and Esther Dehoux, eds. Images et ornements autour des ordres militaires au Moyen Age. Culture visuelle et culte des saints (France, Espagne du Nord, Italie). By Eric Palazzo

John W. O’Malley, ed. Art, Controversy, and the Jesuits: The Imago Primi Saeculi (1640). By Larry Silver

Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak and Jeffrey F. Hamburger, eds. Sign and Design: Script as Image in Cross-Cultural Perspective (300–1600 CE). By Benjamin C. Tilghman

Robert Couzin. The Traditio Legis: Anatomy of an Image. By Dennis Trout

Peter M. Daly. The Emblem in Early Modern Europe: Contributions to the Theory of the Emblem. By Tianna Helena Uchacz

Studies in Iconography Board

Richard K. Emmerson Florida State University
Pamela A. Patton Princeton University
Kathryn A. Smith New York University
Kirk Ambrose University of Colorado, Boulder
Charles Barber Princeton University
Annemarie Weyl Carr Southern Methodist University, Emerita
William Diebold Reed College
Elina Gertsman Case Western Reserve University
Eva Hoffman Tufts University
Dale Kinney Bryn Mawr College
Katrin Kogman-Appel Ben Gurion University of the Negev and Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster
Mitchell Merback The Johns Hopkins University
Beth Williamson University of Bristol
Mark Cruse Arizona State University
Eric Palazzo Université de Poitiers


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