Digital Image Collections

The Index of Christian Art has digitized slides of several personal research collections that are of significant medieval interest. Among the collections are historical photographs that document key European and Eastern monuments and notable works of art from Classical, Byzantine, and Gothic stylistic periods. In total, the Index is fortunate to make over 43,000 images available without a subscription. We hope these unique documentary resources inform your study with different perspectives from the creators. Individual introductions to the resources detail further information regarding scope, usage, and acknowledgments.

“Opus Anglicanum”: The Evelyn Thomas Database of Medieval English Embroidery

Over 1,000 images of medieval English textiles dating to the 13th and 14th centuries

The Svetlana Tomekovic Database of Byzantine Art

Over 5,700 images of Byzantine monumental art photographed by Svetlana Tomekovic

The Jane Hayward Database of Medieval Art

Over 10,000 images of medieval art by historian, and former Metropolitan Museum of Art curator, Jane Hayward

The John Plummer Database of Medieval Manuscripts

Nearly 3,000 images of illustrated medieval manuscripts taken by John Plummer, former curator of the Pierpont Morgan Library

The Elaine C. Block Database of Misericords

Over 17,000 images of European choir stall sculptures taken by Elaine C. Block

The Gertrude and Robert Metcalf Collection of Images of Stained Glass

About 11,000 images of stained glass from European monuments, covering Austria, England, France, Germany, and Switzerland taken at the beginning of World War II by Gertrude and Robert Metcalf

The Tuck Langland Collection

Nearly 3,000 images of Gothic architecture in England and France taken by professional sculptor Tuck Langland

The Gabriel Millet Collection

About 10,000 images from the teaching collection of Gabriel Millet, a collaborative venture between the Index and the École Pratique des Hautes Études

Romanesque Database

Nearly 6,000 images of medieval art and architecture, the joint work of two anonymous travelers with a special interest in Romanesque art

The Christine Verzar Image Database

Over 700 images of medieval art and architecture from eleven European countries, with a special focus on Romanesque Italy

The Mills-Kronborg Collection of Danish Church Wall Paintings

Nearly 3,000 images of Danish wall painting listed alphabetically by site, starting with Alsted and ending with Vraa, taken by James Mills