The Index at 100

Iconography In A New Century

October 14, 2017

Astronomy showing the stars to a group of scholars, Scholastic Miscellany, France, 1309-1316 (BL Burney MS 275, fol. 390v)

Please join the Index for a symposium and reception marking the centennial of our founding in 1917. Presentations by eight leading scholars will demonstrate the expansiveness and versatility with which art historians today approach what we continue to call “iconographic studies” and consider where the study of image and meaning will take the field in future years.


Elizabeth Sears, University of Michigan, “Iconography and Iconology at Princeton.”

Karen Overbey, Tufts University, “Material Histories and Material Meanings in Early Medieval Jewelry.”

Beatrice Kitzinger, Princeton University, “Becoming Epiphany.”

Glenn Peers, University of Texas, “The Iconography of Healing and Damaged Bodies in Kariye Cami: Methodological Reflections.”

Jennifer Purtle, University of Toronto, “Pictured in Relief: Religious Narrative Cycles in Norman Sicily and Southern Song Quanzhou, ca. 1186-1238.”

Christopher R. Lakey, Johns Hopkins University, “Iconology and the Spatial Turn.”

Aden Kumler, University of Chicago, “Whose Iconography?”

Madeline Caviness, Tufts University, “Multivalence and Resonance: ‘Iconography’ Deconstructed?”

The conference is free, but registration is required to guarantee seating. Please register here.