Index of Medieval Art

The Index at 100 – Iconography In A New Century

October 14, 2017

Madeline Caviness
Tufts University
Multivalence and Resonance: ‘Iconography’ Deconstructed?

Beatrice Kitzinger
Princeton University
Becoming Epiphany

Aden Kumler
University of Chicago
Whose Iconography?

Christopher R. Lakey
Johns Hopkins University
Iconology and the Spatial Turn

Karen Overbey
Tufts University
Material Histories and Material Meanings in Early Medieval Jewelry

Glenn Peers
University of Texas
The Iconography of Healing and Damaged Bodies in Kariye Camii: Methodological Reflections

Jennifer Purtle
University of Toronto
Pictured in Relief: Religious Narrative Cycles in Norman Sicily and Southern Song Quanzhou, ca. 1186-1238

Elizabeth Sears
University of Michigan
Iconography and Iconology at Princeton