Index of Medieval Art

St. Denis Revisited: The Man, The Art, and the Architecture

October 24, 2003

Adelaide Bennett
Princeton University
Demonstration of the Index of Christian Art Database

Pamela Z. Blum
New Haven, CT
The Porte des Valois: Reconsideration

Elizabeth Brown
Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Saint Carpus and the Economy of Salvation at Saint-Denis

William Clark
Queens College, City University New York
Praetorium enim recordatio futurorum est exhibitio

Adam Cohen
University of Toronto
Has Arae Tabulas Posuit Suggerius Abbas: Suger’s Object Lession

Jacqueline Frank
Long Island University, C.W. Post
The Stirps Jesse window at Saint-Denis

Jean French
Bard College
Charity and Ideology at Saint-Denis: The Parable of Lazarus and Dives

Paula Gerson
Florida State University
Suger’s Great Cross

Judith Golden
Princeton University
The Six Lives of St. Denis, Audience and Patronage

Genevra Kornbluth
University of Maryland, College Park
Splendid Orthodoxy: The Chalice of Abbot Suger

Richard Schneider
York University, Toronto and St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary
Saint-Denis as Text(s): Suger’s programmatic use of inscriptions as markers of his master project

Andreas Speer
Universität Würzburg
Abbot Suger’s Writings on the Royal Abbey Church of Saint-Denis-Their Tradition, Interpretations and a New Edition

Thomas Waldman
University of Pennsylvania
Sigillum Sancti Dionysii Archepiscopi: The Making of a Legend

Grover Zinn
Oberlin College
Re-Vision: A New Reading of the Central Tympanum on the West Front of the Abbey of Saint-Denis