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Id Date Inventory Number Subjects Image  
3926 Fresco, north wall, showing Simeon, Sava and Theodore View Record
3927 Anthony Abbot the Great
Euthymius the Great
Arsenius, Saint
Fresco showing Anthony, Euthyme and Arsenius View Record
3928 Euthymius the Great
Sabas of Jerusalem
Ephrem of Edessa
Fresco showing Sabas the Younger, Euthyemius, Ephrem?, and Paul of Latros? View Record
3929 Fresco showing Barbaros, Peter the Hermit (?), Macarius(?), and Eunophre(?) View Record
3930 Euthymius the Great
Paul the Hermit
Arsenius, Saint
Fresco, narthex, west wall, showing Euthymius the Great, Arsenius of Scete, and Paul the Hermit (Paul of Thebes) View Record
3931 Fresco, north wall, showing Joseph the Hymnographer, Theophanes Graptos, Theodore the Studite, John of Damascus and Cosme View Record
3932 Fresco, west bema, showing Gerasimus, Theodore the Sanctified and Pachomius View Record
3933 Fresco, naos showing monk saints View Record
3934 Onuphrius of Egypt
John Climacus
Stephen the Younger
Macarius, Saint
Paisius the Monk
Fresco, south naos showing John Climacus, Onouphrius, Macairius, Paisius and Stephen the Younger View Record
3935 Fresco, south conch showing Arsenius, Sabas, Ephrem, and Theodore of the Studium View Record
3936 Fresco, north pilaster, east face showing five nimbed figures View Record
3937 Anthony Abbot the Great, Meeting Paul
Fresco showing the meeting of Anthony and Paul of Thebes View Record
3938 Paul the Hermit, Borne to Heaven
Fresco showing detail of Anthony watching the soul of Paul of Thebes being delivered up to heaven View Record
3939 Fresco, Chapel of St. Euthyme, north aisle, north wall, showing Vision of Healing of Demonic Youth and Death View Record
3940 Fresco, south aisle, north wall, showing Gerasimus and Lion: Tending Ass View Record
3941 Mary of Egypt
Fresco, southwest room, showing St. Mary of Egypt View Record
3942 Mary of Egypt, Receiving Communion
Fresco, west bay, south wall, niche, showing St. Mary of Egypt receiving Communion View Record
3943 Mary of Egypt, Receiving Communion
Fresco, showing  Mary of Egypt receiving Holy Communion View Record
3944 Fresco, north wall View Record
3945 Fresco, north wall, showing Translation of the Relics to Studenica View Record
3946 Fresco, narthex, south chapel, north wall showing Stephen Nemanya: Translation of Relics View Record
3947 Fresco, showing Gerasimus: Removing Thorn from Paw of Lion View Record
3948 Bishop
Theodore of Stoudios
Fresco showing Theodore the Studite and bishop View Record