Index of Medieval Art

Art, Power, and Resistance in the Middle Ages

November 16, 2019

Eliza Garrison

Middlebury College

Ottonian Resistances

Heather Badamo

University of California, Santa Barbara

St. George and the Politics of Translation in the Eastern Mediterranean

Thomas E. A. Dale

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Visualizing Jews and Saracens in the Myth of Venice after the Fourth Crusade

Elena Boeck

DePaul University

Restoration as Resistance: Justinian’s Bronze Horseman and Anxieties about the Fate of Constantinople

Avinoam Shalem

Columbia University

The ‘Holy Blood’ of Uthman Ibn Affan in the Great Mosque of Cordoba

Tom Nickson

The Courtauld Institute of Art

The Names of God: Art, Power and Ritual in Medieval Cordoba

Anne D. Hedeman

University of Kansas

Power and Authority in Visual Paratext

Martha Easton

St. Joseph’s University

Roses and Resistance: The Iconography of Courtly Love in the #MeToo Moment