Index of Medieval Art

Art and Ritual at the Threshold: The Imagery of Portals in Medieval Europe

April 22, 1995

Michael Camille
University of Chicago
Anal Entry and Prohibited Passageways in the Medieval City

Brendan Cassidy
Princeton University
Justice and Mercy in Cità di Castello

David Gillermann
Wesleyan University
The Gothic Cathedral Façade between Public Ceremony and Private Devotion

Alick McLean
University of Miami
The Triumphal Arch and the Temple Front in 11th1 and 12th-century Tuscan Architecture

Felicity Ratté
Union College
Architectural Invitations: Images of City Gates in Medieval Italian Painting

Linda Seidel
University of Chicago
Romanesque Portals: Rites of Passage

Nancy Spatz
Colorado College
Portal Iconography created by the Roman Cardinalate in their 12th-century Titular Churches

Johannes Tripps
Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz
The Virgin Mary as Role Model for Female Rituals at Church Portals

Otto Karl Werckmeister
Northwestern University
Geopolitics of Romanesque Portals